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NASequencer for Mac

Text-based MIDI Composer.
For Composition, Transcription, Karaoke, etc.

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NASequencer is a text-based MIDI composer. It focuses on quick composing and easy management. Generally, plain-text is easy to edit and manage, however it can often be unreadable in music composition. NASequencer assists you in understanding the structure of a composition with real-time piano roll and event list previews. Additionally, it assists you to check sound of ensemble by SoundFont synthesizer.

Basic Features


  • Mixer Control
  • SoundFont Synthesizer
Main View Mixer Panel Synthesizer Sheet

Preview Sequence

  • Piano Roll
  • Event List
Piano Roll Event List

Editor Options

  • Embedded Editor with Automatic Color Coding
  • External Editors Supported
Embedded Editor Using External Editor

Supported Languages

  • Note as Sequence
    NASequencer original format.
    Focused on readability and designed to resemble what you see in the event list
  • ABC Notation Version 2.1
  • Music Macro Language

Full Version

Additional Synthesizers

  • Support for loading additional synthesizers
    in SoundFont format (.sf2 files)
  • Mix multiple sounds from different SoundFonts
Synthesizer Preference


  • Standard MIDI File (Format 1)
  • Waveform Audio File Format (WAV 44.1kHz Linear PCM 16bit stereo)
  • Advanced Audio Coding (AAC 44.1kHz 192kbps stereo)