General Settings

Show Welcome

Checkbox to toggle show Welcome Window on Launch Application.

External Editor

Change Editor

  1. Check the "Use External Editor" checkbox
  2. Click "Select" Button
  3. Choose prefer app on selection dialog

If you want to reset to using Internal Editor, uncheck the "Use External Editor" checkbox.

This path is used by Include Directive. If the path points to default "/Users/<USERNAME>/Music/NASequencer" and Include Directive is notated on source file like below,

#include "drums-pattern.nas"

"/Users/<USERNAME>/Music/NASequencer/drums-pattern.nas" is read.

  1. Click "Browse" Button
  2. Choose prefer directory on selection dialog

Synthesizer Settings

Level Adjustment

Used for balancing output level of each synthesizer. Unit of both gain and master volume is centibel. (1/10 of dB)


Button to reset level adjustment.

Adding Synthesizer

Full Version Feature

  1. Click "Add Synthesizer" Button
  2. Choose prefer SoundFont on selection dialog

Change Default Synthesizer

Order of synthesizer panel affects to the order of Synth pull-down menu. First synthesizer of the order is the default synthesizer used for default sound.


Purchase Full Version

Click "Purchase" button to purchase from App Store and unlock full version features. Your purchase will help NASequencer's development. Thank you!

Full Version Features

Restore Purchase

If you already purchase full version and you have not activate your new Mac yet, Click "Restore Purchase" button and unlock full version features. You don't have to purchase again.